Best Fitness Trackers of 2020 Reviews with Comparisons

Looking to commence the journey to a much healthier lifestyle? One of the ways that you can do this is by using a fitness tracker. This watch-like technician supplies you with the ability to monitor your vital signs and keep track of exercises and activities that you do through the day also. But in case you have begun the hunt to find the perfect one for you, you will find immediately that there are a lot of alternatives available to you. So, which is your best? What version will suit your needs?

Inside this guide, we’re going to have a look at a few of the very best fitness trackers of 2020 as well as give you a couple of suggestions about what to search for when buying that fitness tracker. Thus, let us lace up and look at some of the best choices at the moment.

Best Fitness Tracker Reviews

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

A relatively new company LETSCOM has upped its game and its design, making products which are built to make sure your lifetime and fitness are simply a bit simpler. That’s why our first entry that the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker was an easy option to be on our listing.

Product Highlights

When you’re starting or trying to boost your wellbeing and lifestyle travel, you want equipment which will give you’re the characteristics that you require. This can consist of several things, and with the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, you receive a lot of them. A Few of the features you get if you go with the LETSCOM tracker are:

  • Ability to track your heart rate Today
  • Capable of keeping track of your time asleep and its consequences
  • Programmed to monitor multiple daily tasks in Addition to sports
  • Built with GPS capacity
  • Made with smart device connectivity 
  • Constructed using a USB charging port
  • Extended battery life (7 days on a single charge)

What’s to like about the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

This budget-friendly comfy to wear fitness tracker out of LETSCOM is a great alternative if you are looking for a high degree of performance. Built to permit for a protracted battery lifetime this tracker isn’t only efficient but provides you a degree of personalization as well. With the broad selection of colors available, you’ll be able to jump into your healthy lifestyle with style also.

What’s not to enjoy about the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

In spite of the favorable benefits and attributes, there are still a few things that some users locate an issue with. The first is that though it can sync to devices, many find it hard and not as powerful as advertised or as other options available. There is also some question of the precision of this in the heart rate monitoring method.

Although the issues mentioned previously are not universal troubles, they continue to be something to consider. However, if you can overlook these few drawbacks then going with this fitness tracker, you’ll be getting a feature-rich, comprehensible fitness tracker which could get you on the right foot when it comes to your wellbeing.


  • Wide range of colors available
  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to wear for prolonged times
  • Extended battery life
  • Waterproof and water-resistant


  • Issues with syncing to other devices

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YoYoFit Slim Fitness Tracker

The following tracker is great for someone looking for a slim, lightweight choice. The YoYoFit Slim Fitness tracker is good for adults and kids alike and comes with some pretty great capabilities.

Product Highlights

Lightweight and easy to wear the YoYoFit Slim Fitness Tracker has a lot of great features and is a budget-friendly choice for any family looking to perform the health thing as a unit. Some of these Fantastic features are:

  • Programmed to Track daily activities as well as multiple sports
  • Made to watch your circadian rhythms for Improved sleep
  • Compatible with smartphones to allow notifications
  • Downloadable program for much more comprehensive attributes

What’s to like about the YoYoFit Slim Fitness Tracker

This model from YoYoFit is a great option for anyone looking for an extensive tracker that is affordable and easy to use. With a wide color selection, there is something for everybody, and that fact that it is comfortable and offers many of the features higher priced trackers provide is just a bonus.

What’s not to enjoy about the YoYoFit Slim Fitness Tracker

Now in spite of all of that, there are a number of common issues that many users tackle in their reviews. There is an issue with the USB connection and the degree of tightness when charging. This could lead to longer charging time and inadequate battery charge. Another frequent complaint is the data retention when dealing with Bluetooth. There have been a few users who state that the data is not stored in the memory and you have to constantly reload it.

These issues are not universal, so if you’re searching for a tracker even the children can get into, then the YoYoFit Slim Fitness Tracker is a fantastic option.


  • Effortless to Bill
  • Programmable monitoring modes are simple to use 
  • Has a downloadable program for extended features
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Issues with maintaining data when synced to Bluetooth

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for a uniquely designed fitness tracker that gives you all of the very best features and a slick design, then the Baize Fitness Tracker is a fantastic selection.

Product Highlights

This distinctively designed fitness tracker includes a lot more to offer than just its trendy build. The Xiaomi tracker has been chock full of high-performing capabilities. These features include:

  • Programmed Using a versatile range of Purposes
  • Made to track vital daily activities for enhanced health
  • Ability to switch out your screen using a simple touch
  • Enhanced screen for greater readability and visibility
  • Elevated functions like phone finder built-in
  • Simple to down the road app for enhanced functions

What’s to like about the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker

This version from Xiaomi is a fantastic option for anybody who wants to remain fit and look good doing so. The multiple variations include a trendy tracker face that looks like an old school watch. Additionally, it is easy to use and set up. With a battery life that will allow utilizing a wide variety of functions for longer durations than several versions, you will be able to improve your health and general lifestyle.

What’s not to like about the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker

There really isn’t much to find fault with this amazing fitness tracker. When there was anything, it’d be that in the event that you have an older model smartphone, then it may not be compatible with your system. Because the majority of us maintain our telephones up to date, this issue seems like one that may not be a large problem. So, in the long run, that implies that if you are looking for a high-performance, waterproof fitness tracker, then the Xiaomi Fitness Tracker is one of the greatest choices you can make.


  • Excellent waterproof capability
  • Range of functions
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Extended battery life
  • Nice design to match all outfits


  • Not compatible with older smartphones

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Willful Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

The next entry comes from Willful and is a high-end looking tracker including all the functionality and half the price.

Product Highlights

When you are looking for the ideal investment in your healthy lifestyle travel to want a fitness tracker which provides you all of the characteristics as these high-end models but fits your budget. Together with the Willful Fitness Tracker, that’s what you’re getting. You get features such as:

  • Programmed to monitor multiple daily Tasks and vitals
  • Designed with a Wide Variety of sports modes
  • A downloadable app Which Makes It Simple to connect with your smart phone
  • Advanced features like an alarm clock, remote photographs, and easy brightness adjustment

What’s to like about the Willful Fitness Tracker

This model may look like the most lavish of fitness trackers, but the price tag sure does not. Together with all the basic features of versions like the Fitbit, the Willful is a great way to save some money while still getting your healthful on. It’s a fantastic battery life and will definitely keep you connected to the world as you go about daily.

What’s not to like about the Willful Fitness Tracker

Even though there are many reasons why this could be the best option for you, we’d be remiss if we didn’t go over some of the issues that lots of customers have talked about in their reviews. There’s a question of the accuracy of lots of the functionalities, such as steps and heart rate. As well as several cases of the main screen freezing. 

These complaints aren’t universal. In reality, there are lots of customers that indicate rave about this particular model, and so, in the end, it looks like it could be a great choice for you and your health needs.


  • Versatility of band 
  • Easy to connect to smartphone
  • Battery life


  • Issues with freezing screen

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HalfSun Fitness Tracker

Our last entry comes from HalfSun and is an easy to use highly effective physical fitness tracker for those on the move.

Product Highlights

This version has so many great features that it is easy to see why it’s one of the best options available. When you consider the purchase price and how you get all the characteristics below and don’t run the danger of breaking the banks, it is quite an advantage. A Few of Those features include:

  • Crafted for an ergonomic wear
  • Designed with a large HD screen
  • Constructed with skin-friendly and durable substances
  • Programmed to track a wide range of daily activities and vitals
  • Multiple sports modes monitoring 
  • Ability to monitor in the moment heart rate and blood pressure
  • Easy to link to your smartphone through a downloadable app

What’s to like about the HalfSun Fitness Tracker

This version from HalfSun is indeed rich with performance it is easily one of the best trackers available on the market and on our curated list. But it is one thing to have the option and quite another to have most of them be as accurate and easy to use since this version offers its own user. The tracker is a lightweight and ergonomic wear and can easily keep up with your demanding daily life.

What’s not to enjoy about the HalfSun Fitness Tracker

We said most functions were true in the above section, and that’s because there have been some issues when it comes to blood pressure tracking. Many have stated that everything is somewhat off. The other issue is the range of connectivity. After a certain distance, it would appear that this tracer tends to disconnect from your smartphone. It’s hard to sync with all the app and is unable to define the work out type you’re doing.

In spite of those few drawbacks, this version out of HalfSun is a fantastic option. All these problems, though said by various clients aren’t universal for the most part, and that’s why the HalfSun fitness tracker still made it to our list.


  • Most functions Are Extremely accurate
  • Good battery life
  • Simple to read and use
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Customization of display


  • Issues with app syncing

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Now that you have some ideas of that fitness trackers are the best available in 2019, let us talk about ways to make that last decision and not feel regrets in doing so. There are some essential characteristics you should look at while making your choice. Although the purchase price is obviously, always a factor, here are five features we believe are the most important to take into consideration.


There are various kinds of fitness trackers. The traditional is, clearly, the one which resembles a watch, but because their beginning, they have grown to include models that seem like necklaces and even rings.

Though this is not the only style class to figure into your choice, whichever style you go with, you will still be sporting this tracker every day. That means when you consider the one that’s right for you, you might also wish to think about its layout and color so that it functions together with your regular attire.

The very last thing in style is to also consider how it wears. The last thing you need is a fitness tracker that seems bad and feels worse to wear


There’s a vast range of display types. Everything from touchscreen buttons. Then there is the size of this screen, reliability, and color/noncolor.

All of these are things that could make your tracker easier or more difficult for you to utilize. So, making sure the display is one that is going to do the job for you and is easy to navigate and use is one thing which you should factor into your choice.


There are as many different feature configurations since there are models. You want to search for one which has all of the features you need to track your objectives. That may mean that you go for a slimmed-down version where you get the bare basics like heart rate monitoring and measure count.

Or that may indicate you will need something with a little more oomph with a model that is decked out with everything plus GPS, a downloadable program, and the capability to monitor sleep. Whatever you need, you should pay close attention to the characteristics to be sure you make the most out of the investment.


Based on your daily actions and the exercise you want to do, obtaining a fitness tracker that is waterproof may be something that you need to think about in your final option. Many models come with various evaluations in this section so pay close attention to this as well and adjust your choice accordingly.

Battery and Charging

Depending upon the functions available from the model, your battery lifetime could possibly differ. That means paying attention not just to the way of charging required to fill your battery life, but in addition its battery life is an important consideration. You also need to think about the period of time that it takes to charge this piece of tech.


Now you know what to search for and an concept of the greatest models available we are sure that you have a couple questions regarding fitness trackers generally. Thus, we have gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions in the hopes that we’ll have the ability to answer a few of those questions that you have floating around your mind.

What’s a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a device most commonly worn like a watch that’s programmed to have the ability to track vitals like heart rate, calories used, distance traveled, number of hours which you’ve slept, and how many measures were taken in daily to assist individuals monitor their wellbeing and adapt their lifestyles accordingly so they can be fitter.

How to Charge a Fitness Tracker

Each model may vary a little, but there are a few basics. Most involve being plugged into a laptop either with a charging cable or using a charging unit. Check out the video below for a more in-depth look:

How to Use a Fitness Tracker

Each model will differ, but here are a few steps which you can take which are universal.

  • Set up an account: You will find models that come ready to use right from the box, but to get the most out of that bit of technician, you have to set up an account. In this manner you get access to all the tracker’s amazing features
  • Virtually all trackers have a downloadable app accessible. This program allows access to additional features that will enhance the general performance of your tracker
  • Once that’s done It’s time to set some goals
  • Then Take Some Time to dive into the user manual and figure out the inherent is of your version

Here’s a more in-depth look at how you can use your fitness tracker for its most:

How to Set Up a Fitness Tracker

This is really a per version query that has to be answered on a per model basis. The best thing to do is to google your version, look at the company’s site, and actually dive into your user’s manual.

All you’ll need to know is in one of these places, but typically preparing the fitness tracker is quite straightforward and the tracker itself will lead you through the process step-by-step, asking for the information that it needs.

Some physical fitness trackers do not need any setup other than for one to install the program on your telephone and enter your personal data like height, weight, and age. Some desire to get baseline measurements for your heart rate, how long your stride is, and other information which allows the device to give you a more customized experience.

Why Do I Need a Fitness Tracker?

There are several pluses of having a fitness tracker. Here are Only a couple:

  • Be more aware of your daily activity
  • You can build a community of service for your health aims
  • You can use it to help better your sleep
  • It helps track your diet

So, if you’re into or beginning to enter building a wholesome lifestyle thesis are wonderful tools to aid you on this travel.


We have curated some of the best fitness trackers of 2020 to you as well as a guide to help you sift through all the available choices. Hopefully, after reading this manual, you will feel better equipped and ready to make your final choice. 

While all of the above mentioned fitness trackers are great selections, our top recommendation, and absolute favorite has to be the Baize Fitness Tracker thanks to its excellent waterproof capabilities, superb function choices, ease of setting up and use, a long battery life, and the fashionable design which lets you wear it with any outfit in any time of day. What more would you want?

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